Game Cheat Codes

Sometimes, you just seem to get stuck on some ridiculous level that the game designers obviously didn’t put much thought into. Other times, you need a little helping hand to get you out of your gaming rut and back into the story again. Sometimes, you need game cheat codes! Enjoy this handy list of helpful tips, so the next time you get stuck on some unbeatable level, you’ll be able to find your way out with a little help from game cheat codes.

Try to Pass it, at Least Once

Gaming is supposed to be about entertainment. That means fun, and throwing your controller across the room in a rage is definitely not fun. However, before you actually do go looking for cheat code for every level in your game, try to actually pass the level or acquire the needed skills first. It’s not about playing fairly: it’s about learning how the mechanics of the skill you need or the level you can’t beat are supposed to work, but aren’t. By attempting to play it first, without game cheat codes, you’ll see exactly what you need to look for when you do apply a cheat code, and will know exactly how to use it.

Use a Trusted Site

Once you’ve figured out which codes you need, you’ll want to jump online and go to a trusted site. Unless you’re downloading cheats directly to a PC game, it’s difficult to pick up viruses from inputting game cheat codes. What you will find, however, is that you spend a lot of valuable time searching through loads of garbage. Use sites like to help you find your game cheat codes.

Don’t use Every Cheat

When you’re browsing game cheat codes on your trusted site, it’s tempting to simply get all of them for your game and go to town, but this could be a huge mistake. Many cheat codes are designed to make the game more challenging! This means that while you may get access to every big gun in the game, all the enemies will suddenly be 3x bigger and more powerful, too! Unless you want a more difficult game, simply target the cheat codes you know you need to advance, and stick with those.

Don’t Cheat on Multiplayer Games

This should be a fairly common-sense piece of advice, but sadly, many people don’t follow it. When involved in online multiplayer games, it is vital that nobody cheats unless everybody is in agreement! On many platforms, the system will automatically detect a cheat, and ban an attempted cheater for life. On some platforms, the other players will simply boot you from their game once a cheat has been detected. Save yourself some dignity and don’t use game cheat codes in multiplayer games.

Hopefully, the next time you get stuck in a useless maze, can’t destroy that giant, ugly demon, keep flying into a mountain or simply can’t build your city without going bankrupt, remember this list, and find yourself a useful, time-saving and stress-relieving game cheat code online!

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